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What is Numia Data?



Numia Data aims to provide Cosmos chain data as a public good.
Although blockchain data is generally public by design, it is actually not very straight forward to query, read & analyze the data directly from the chain. Numia fixes this.
Our mission is to index data from a variety of Cosmos SDK chains & providing an easy interface to users, making data accessible via SQL. For currently available chains, see Chains​

What can you achieve with Numia

  • Run queries to understand user behavior about any Cosmos chain
  • Track key metrics for any chain like TVL, Active Addresses, IBC Volume
  • Build interactive dashboards on top of your queries and make them public
  • Pull Numia's data into your own database to build an app like this one built for Stargaze on top of Numia.
Docs Overview
This documentations aims to provide an overview of Numia and how to get started.

Question & Feedback

For any questions, suggestions & feedback, please reach out to us via:
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