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What is Numia?



Numia aims to help developers build the best possible dApps in Cosmos.
Develop your Web3 applications by leveraging our scalable APIs, powerful RPC-infrastructure and real-time analytics.
Our mission is to index data from a variety of Cosmos SDK chains & providing an easy interface to users, making data accessible via SQL. For currently available chains, see Chains

What can you achieve with Numia

  • Quickly develop your Web3 applications in Cosmos
  • Connect to scalable RPC infrastructure so you don't have to worry about infrastructure.
  • Track key metrics for your apps like TVL, Active Addresses, IBC Volume
  • Connect to any Cosmos-SDK chain out there.
  • Request custom endpoints that are specific to your applications
Docs Overview
This documentation aims to provide an overview of Numia and how to get started.

Question & Feedback

For any questions, suggestions & feedback, please reach out to us via:
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